LUBBOCK, Texas –  Lubbock Fire Rescue responded to a call early Wednesday morning to a construction fire. No one was hurt, but a dozen people lost their homes. 

Myra Getter lives in the apartment complex and was getting off work when her roommate let her know that their building had caught on fire. 

“She was asleep and the firefighters were banging on her door,” Getter said. “They told her that they needed to check the apartment for carbon monoxide poisoning…and then they sent her to the EMT, paramedics, whatever. And they checked her out.” 

Firefighters were able to contain the flames to the second floor and prevent the whole building from being fully engulfed. Hours after the flames were extinguished, Getter and her roommate were without power. 

“We haven’t had power all morning. I still don’t have power. I need to call the apartment manager and figure out what’s going on,” Getter said.  

Disaster Program Manager with the South Plains Red Cross Jerri Beth Dunlap said she, along with other volunteers, stepped in to help those who completely lost their homes in the fire. 

“About 3 o’clock this morning, we got a call from dispatch that there was a multifamily fire at the apartments,” Dunlap said. “And then we and my volunteers, we all responded. From what we know, right now there are around 11 adults and about five kids.”  

Taren Perkins with Lubbock Fire Rescue says they do know what started the fire. 

“The cause of the fire was actually improperly discarded smoking materials,” Perkins said. “So cigarette butts were discarded appropriately. And so some of it got out and it started a fire with the apartment complex.”