LUBBOCK, Texas — An argument at a Popeyes drive-thru led to a shots fired call when a woman shot a gun in the air. Police said the gunshot happened after another customer complained when the woman didn’t pull out of the drive-thru to look for cash blown away by the wind.

According to a police report, the incident happened around 8:50 p.m. Monday when the suspect was trying to pay for food in the drive-thru at Popeyes on 3rd Street and University Avenue.

After wind blew the money away, she pulled up and got out of her vehicle to look for the money while a Popeyes employee helped.

The suspect and another customer began arguing about her not pulling completely out of the drive-thru to look for her money.

The suspect told the other customer that “if he did not leave [her] alone, [she] was going to shoot him,” according to the police report.

The other customer told the suspect he wasn’t scared of her, at which point she got in her vehicle and began to leave.

However, the suspect pointed a handgun out of the vehicle and shot a round into the air before leaving, according to the police report.

The Lubbock Police Department said there were no updates in the case as of Wednesday afternoon.