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Armed Robbery of Dollar General, Police Find and Arrest Suspect

LUBBOCK, TX - Lubbock Police arrested Julian Jacob Mojica, 24, of Lubbock and accused him of robbing the Dollar General store at 2015 50th Street late Tuesday morning. 

A few minutes after the armed robbery, police located Mojica in an alley behind the 1900 block of 53rd Street.  Police saw him toss something into a dumpster.  Later police determined he threw clothing into the dumpster.

A police report said Mojica showed the butt of a gun to a store clerk and said he would shoot her if she did not hand over money. 

Police were unable to find the gun.  Mojica said he threw it near the Dollar General.  Police were later told by a witness that it was a pellet gun that shattered when Mojica threw it.

Mojica was charged with robbery, aggravated assault and tampering with evidence.  He was held Tuesday afternoon in the Lubbock County Detention Center.


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