LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Mikayla Solorzano, 24, Tuesday in Abernathy for aggravated robbery.

Solorzano was indicted last week for a January 11, 2019, robbery at 66th Street and Avenue S, but the case was related to other robberies and a January 16, 2016, murder.

In the January 11 case, a woman was at the intersection waiting to cross the street. A car pulled over, and a man opened the door and got out. He demanded she give him everything she had. She had a backpack and tried to convince him there was nothing of value inside of it.

Court records said he grabbed the backpack, but she did not let go. He then fired two shots at her feet, according to court records.

A few days later, police were investigating a murder case at 37th Street and Avenue P, which centered around the stealing of a backpack. Later on, police arrested Miguel Garza and Anthony Alvarez for the shooting death of Jimmy Hernandez-Rodriguez.

Police came to believe the driver of the vehicle in the murder case was a “very skinny” female who matched the description of Alvarez’s girlfriend. That led police to Solorzano.

Investigators also talked to Garza who indicated Solorzano was the driver in the January 11 case. Garza admitted they committed “several armed robberies” by driving around looking for victims.

Another suspect, Vincent Vasquez, was “candid in his interview and admitted to committing several armed robberies.”

They often robbed homeless people at gunpoint, court records said.

Investigators then talked to Alvarez. At first, he denied knowing anything about the January 11 robbery. But as police continued asking questions. They asked Alvarez what was in the bag that they took from the woman on January 11.

He responded, “Makeup. F***ing makeup.”

That matched what the victim told police. Alvarez said Garza was the one who fired the shots. During that same line of questioning, Alvarez said he broke up with Solorzano.

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Solorzano remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center Wednesday for aggravated robbery on a $100,000 bond.

Vasquez was arrested in early May. He remained in custody on a $200,000 bond for aggravated robbery. Garza remained locked up on a $200,000 bond for a murder charge. And Alvarez was not in the jail Wednesday, but officials said a murder charge against him was still pending.