Arrington holds summit to address problems in rural America

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Congressman Jodey Arrington and several other Congressmen visited Lubbock today to host the West Texas Rural Summit.

“Agriculture is the lifeblood of our economy in west Texas and throughout rural America,” said U.S. Representative for Congressional District TX 19, Jodey Arrington. “We need a robust dynamic rural economy, AG economy and rural communities.”

They discussed a wide range of topics like tax and trade policy, transportation and infrastructure and agriculture with community leaders from across the region. Much of the discussion centers on what they hope to do in Washington to help folks in more rural areas and farmers.

“It is so important that we work to protect the ethic that remains the heartbeat of America that remains in our rural communities,” said U.S Representative for Congressional District TX 27, Michael Cloud.

Arrington said he feels policies from the left side of the aisle are extreme, alarmist and not beneficial to West Texas farmers.

“What gives us the ability to feed our own people is under assault by some of these environmental policies that are built on an ideology,” said Arrington.

Climate change was also a topic of discussion at Thursday’s summit. Many said they believe that farmers serve to help climate change, and policies like the green new deal only vilify them.

“Transitioning over time to more renewable and cleaner energy is fine, but that needs to be wise and strategic and thoughtful, and it needs to be balanced with respect to stewarding the environment and maintaining our global dominance,” said Arrington.

Lawmakers even touching on the upcoming farm bill and the work they are doing now to protect farmers.

“It’s important that with the weather volatility and the market risks that there is this cost-share arrangement that exists with producers where the safety net is reliable,” said Arrington.
The next farm bill is in progress and is expected to be addressed in 2023.

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