LORENZO, Texas — A confrontation during the Crosbyton vs. Lorenzo boys high school basketball game Wednesday night was under investigation, Sheriff Ethan Villanueva said.

“We’re obtaining video,” Villanueva said, “and will decipher it and see who is involved.”

The Crosby County Sheriff said if charges are filed, it would likely be treated as misdemeanor assault. He said it started with two players on the court. One shoved another, then parents came down from the stands and got involved.

Multiple videos shared on the Jasone Pearson Facebook page showed one player take a swing at another with about 58.8 seconds left in the game. Players from both teams then ran to the spot of the initial confrontation near midcourt. The video then showed more shoving and even a few punches.

The video then showed parents coming down onto the court. There was more pushing, shoving and yelling as depicted by the videos.

Sheriff Villanueva said to his knowledge no injuries were reported.

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