SHALLOWATER, Texas – The drought in 2022 affected many farmers in the Lubbock area, including those at At’l Do Farms.

With fall quickly approaching, many might wonder if the corn maze will even be open due to the lack of moisture. This year, there will be a tall maze, but no corn. In fact, it will instead be a sorghum maze.

James Simpson, who has owned the farms for around 22 years said they recently made the switch to growing multi species cover crops. He said that if they had corn this year, they’d be struggling.

“Sorghum Sudan is used for feed, and it’s good for the soil. I think also, it’ll do better than the corn as far as getting the height that we desire,” he explained.

There will also be a decrease in sunflowers this season because they had to prioritize where they wanted most of the water to go. First priority is the maze, second is the pumpkins, and third is the sunflowers.

Savannah Lewis, Simpson’s daughter-in-law and an employee for At’l Do said, “Because we’re having to kind of ration the water usage and focus it on other areas, there won’t be that third planting.”

But on the bright side, the pumpkins are looking great so far. Even though the drought has forced them to make some changed, there are some exciting things in the works they hope people will look forward to.

Lewis said they’re trying to have live music on every Thursday night this season, along with the corn cannon, the barn yard, and the cow train kids always love.

The farms will open September 17th and will close November 5th. To stay updated, visit their website.