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Atmos Energy Launches "Yard Rescue 811" Contest During National Safe Digging Month

LUBBOCK, TX (NEWS RELEASE) - If your yard is in need of a makeover, Atmos Energy invites you to enter its Yard Rescue 811 contest. As part of National Safe Digging Month in April, the contest reminds property owners, construction crews, and do-it-yourselfers to stay safe by always calling 811 before digging.

The greatest risk to underground natural gas pipelines is accidental damage during digging, according to Atmos Energy. Even minor damage, such as a gouge, scrape, dent, or crease in a pipeline or its coating, can cause leak failure.

By calling 811 in advance, property owners and contractors are connected to their state's one-call center, which notifies all appropriate utilities about the excavation.This service is free and is the law in every state. Professional locators mark all underground utility-owned lines at the digging site with flags or spray paint.

Yard Rescue 811: Atmos Energy's Yard Rescue 811 contest, which begins on April 1, offers participants the chance to win $811 for a yard makeover.

Take a photo of your yard, which can be at a home, church, school, or business.
Upload your photo to our contest page at www.atmosenergy.com/contests
Winners selected at random.

The Yard Rescue 811 contest is open to all residents in the communities and environs served by Atmos Energy Corporation's natural gas distribution divisions in Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia, excluding company employees, vendors, suppliers, agencies and 811 damage-prevention centers. See www.atmosenergy.com/contests for details. Contest ends at midnight CDT on April 30, 2017. 

(News release from Atmos Energy) 

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