LUBBOCK, Texas — Attorneys for Chad Read’s widow, Jennifer Read, held a press conference Thursday and asked for anyone to come forward with information.

Chad Read was shot and killed November 5 in the 2100 block of 90th Street. While Kyle Carruth has not been named as the shooter in criminal proceedings, he has been named the shooter in several civil filings.

Jennifer is suing Carruth and his businesses for wrongful death. The lawsuit seeks $50 million in damages.

“Kyle Carruth made a decision to come outside and then interject himself into a conversation that he had no part of with a weapon,” Attorney Tony Buzbee said during the conference. “We believe that decision was unreasonable and that decision was negligent.”

Buzbee questioned why Carruth wasn’t arrested after the shooting.

“Why wasn’t that man arrested? The rules are very clear across the United States. The rules are very clear in most police departments across the country,” Buzbee said. “When there is a shooting and a death, an arrest is made.”

Buzbee also said few people were questioned after the shooting.

“The man who pulled the trigger and killed Chad Read is still walking around in this community,” he said. “You know what his biggest concern was after killing Chad Read? What concessions are we going to bring to the kids’ game. You’ll learn about that as this case progresses.”

Buzbee said he spoke with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton personally about the case.

“He assures me that this is going to be thoroughly investigated and if charges are warranted, that they will be brought,” Buzbee said. “I’m going to hold him to that. Jennifer is going to hold him to that.”

Buzbee said a legal principle that exists in criminal law in Texas and elsewhere called ‘provoking the difficulty’ would prevent Carruth from successfully claiming self-defense in the case.

Provoking the difficulty, as Buzbee explained it, means a person cannot claim self-defense after provoking the attack to begin with.

“You cannot assault someone and then when they react, claim self-defense. Shooting a weapon in the direction of an individual is an assault,” Buzbee said. “You cannot assault someone and then turn around and claim self-defense under the civil law. Everyone has an obligation to act reasonably.”

Buzbee asked for anyone with any information to come forward.

“We are calling on anyone who has knowledge of this situation to come forward, and that includes Kyle Carruth’s relationships with others that might impact what happened on November 5,” he said. “If you have evidence, no matter how small, we want to have it.”

Buzbee said they believe Carruth had animosity toward Chad before the deadly confrontation.

“We believe that there was animosity on the part of Kyle Carruth against Chad Read that existed long before November 5,” he said. “We believe that there were things said by the perpetrator, Kyle Carruth, long before November 5 about Chad Read.”

Jennifer read a statement aloud at the conference.

“I saw Kyle Carruth shoot and kill my husband. Kyle Carruth has not been arrested,” she said. “Please, please, I ask the police to take action. I ask the attorney general’s office to take action. I want justice for my husband Chad Read.”