LUBBOCK, Texas — An autism friendly gym is making it’s way to the Hub City, brought in by Megan Kennemer who is mom to a son with autism. 

“Being a special needs parent can be pretty lonely. And I feel like this will bring us all together,” Kennemer said. “We’ll all have something in common and our kids are going to benefit.”

Kennemer understands the preparation that goes into taking her son to the playground.

“My son is nonverbal right now and he doesn’t understand danger. I have to follow him constantly. I mean, you cannot let him get more than a few feet away from you,” said Kennemer. “He doesn’t understand that some things are dangerous and that he could get hurt. It’s just constant stress and anxiety, worrying about where he is and what he’s doing.”

Kennemer then came across ‘We Rock the Spectrum’, a sensory friendly indoor kid gym that she knew the Hub City needed. 

“My goal is to make it where you can bring your child in and you could sit in one spot and watch them play and not worry, and that’s huge,” Kennemer said. “If you’ve ever been in our situation then you would know that you can’t ever just relax and take a deep breath but now you can.”

The autism-focused gym has equipment that can only be found in occupational or physical therapy facilities, providing children with more than just fun.

“While they think they’re having fun, they’re actually working on things like fine motor skills, gross motor skills, motor planning,” Kennemer said. “Some of them may be having a hard day and it can help calm them down.”

A gym for children of all abilities. 

“I think it’s gonna be great for everybody, not just kids with sensory processing disorder or autism,” Kennemer said. “I mean, other special-needs kids will also benefit too.”