LUBBOCK, Texas — Curtis Lee Williams, 65, pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault of a child on Friday morning. He was sentenced by a judge to 25 years in prison.

Williams was initially arrested at his home in Southwest Lubbock in January of 2020. Details provided in court documents were limited. According to court records, a child made an outcry and said Williams sexually assaulted her.

During a sentencing hearing, defense attorney Dan Hurley asked Williams to address the court. Williams said, “I’ve wanted for a long time to tell [the victim] how sorry I am. None of this is her fault, its mine. She and I had a really good relationship and I ruined it. I pray all the time that they can get past this. I felt she didn’t understand exactly what was going on.”

Hurley described Williams as a “religious person.” According to Hurley, Williams lost his wife, home, job and church after the sexual abuse came to light. Hurley said if Williams was sent to prison, it might as well be the death penalty. He recommended “community supervision” for Williams instead.

During the punishment phase, Assistant District Attorney Craig Oglesby said Williams “is not a good guy.” Oglesby said the sexual abuse was not an accident or a “one-time thing,” and Williams deserved the harshest punishment. According to Oglesby, Williams begged the victim, who was younger than 10-years-old, not to tell anyone what happened.

“He was sexually aroused by his own [young family member],” Oglesby said.

Judge Trey McClendon called the victim a “brave young lady.” Judge McClendon said, “The amount of bravery that she showed when compared to the actions of Mr. Williams couldn’t be more stark.”

Judge McClendon described the case as “awful and egregious,” and told Williams he could not discount his actions. Williams will be required to register as a sex offender.