LUBBOCK, Texas— The pandemic shut down many business and modified how they operate, and it left some wondering if movie theaters are “dying out” against big streaming services.

“I do feel like sometimes, like certain streaming will take from the movies. But I don’t feel like it’s a big difference.” Samantha Garcia, Crew Lead for concession and usher at Premier Cinemas, said.

Garcia said there are people who want the experience and to be around crowds.

“At the beginning of like, everything, like after quarantine, and everything, I feel like that was like a big part of them dying out just because people would much rather stay at home. But I feel like it didn’t last too long, maybe just a few months, and then everyone was ready to get back out and try to get back to normal.” Garcia said.

Premiere Cinema said it continued to take all safety precautions to get movie lovers back in seats in front of the big screen that can’t compete to an at home experience.

“We do have movies that aren’t released on the streaming services. And then we do have movies that even though they’re on the streaming services, we might have them in other formats, you know, such as like our IMAX, or we might have it in D box where the seats are shaking and moving along with the movie.” Brianna Marquez, Associate Director at Premiere Cinema, said.

Premiere Cinema said they had a busy summer and continue to get more people in and out of the theater as time goes on.

“I think it’s a possibility that, you know, at some point in the future, we could die. But I also think you know, movie experience is not something that you can really feel at home.” Marquez said.

Garcia and Marquez said there was a struggle for a while but they are starting to get busy again.