LUBBOCK, Texas — David Chambliss, 60, was sentenced to more than 15-and-a-half years in federal prison Thursday afternoon. Chambliss took a plea deal in May for the robbery of Bank of America, 5144 82nd Street, which happened in February.

Official records said he also robbed an EZ Mart location in Lubbock at gunpoint.

The EZ Mart robbery failed because, according to a police report, Chambliss scared the store clerk so badly that he couldn’t open the cash register. Chambliss left empty-handed.

In the bank robbery, federal court records said Chambliss used a note, which said, “Give me the cash, only large bills, within 15 seconds, or you will die first.”

Shortly after the bank robbery, Lubbock Police said in a statement, “David Edward Chambliss was a customer of the bank and recognized by an employee. Officers located a license plate number for a vehicle associated with Chambliss and found that the license plate had recently been scanned at an area hotel.”

In addition to the prison sentence, Chambliss was ordered to pay $500 restitution.

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