LUBBOCK, Texas — On Monday, Bart Reagor was ordered to pay over $2.7 million to Universal Underwriters Service Corporation, along with pre/post-judgment interest, according to court documents.

In addition to the $2.7 million, Reagor was ordered to pay attorneys’ fees for the plaintiff totaling $38,560.

The lawsuit was first filed against Reagor in March 2019. Universal Underwriters said it loaned Reagor Dykes $3 million in June 2016.

The company said Reagor signed a personal guaranty that would require him to pay back the loan amount if Reagor Dykes was not able to. Reagor Dykes filed for bankruptcy in August 2018.

In April, Reagor pleaded not guilty to federal charges of bank fraud and making false statements, according to court records.

This is not the first time Reagor has been ordered to pay up in court. In October 2019, a jury ordered him to pay $53.7 million to Ford Motor Company. In November of that year, a judge ruled against Reagor and ordered him to pay just under $1.8 million to Vista Bank. Also, in November 2019, a judge ordered him to pay roughly $23.8 million to the International Bank of Commerce.