AMARILLO, and LUBBOCK — On Wednesday, a federal judge in Amarillo put off sentencing for Bart Reagor until March 10. The judge did so after Reagor’s attorney, Dan Cogdell, requested more time. Sentencing was previously set for February 24.

Cogdell claimed that the US Probation Office filed a draft of its sentencing report on December 20. In it, the USPO put Reagor’s prison sentence at 324 – 405 months (between 27 years and 33.75 years).

The maximum penalty under federal statute is 30 years. Prosecutors said on October 15 that Reagor’s maximum would be 30 years after a jury in Amarillo found Reagor guilty of making a false statement to a bank.

But according to Cogdell, the USPO seeks to hold Reagor responsible for crimes of 15 other former Reagor Dykes employees. Cogdell said these were crimes for which Reagor had not even been indicted.

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Reagor was co-owner of the Lubbock-based Reagor Dykes Auto Group when it went bankrupt. There were accusations of fraud and default at the time. Reagor always maintained his innocence.