LUBBOCK, Texas – Bathrooms across parks in Lubbock have not been touched since October, leaving unpleasant conditions throughout the cold season.

No bathroom doors in the stalls, dirty toilets and an unusable mirror–all common qualities across park bathrooms.

“It is important to remember we have 35 bathrooms, and most of those have been built back in the 1960s, some the 1950s. Parks and Recreation is absolutely aware of the need for renovation,” said Meegan Honeyman, Public Information Specialist for the City of Lubbock Parks and Recreation.

While the bathrooms have not been in use since October, Honeyman says there’s a reason for this.

“We winterize all of our 35 Parks bathrooms October 30 every year, and that is to prevent any freezing or pipe damage or vandalism because there’s less frequency of visitors in the parks. So, when we reopen them, it is the week after spring break.”

The bathrooms have been around since the 50s and they are now a part of a master plan that Parks and Recreation have created to improve parks across Lubbock.

“It’s going to be a 20-yearlong plan where we do all of the renovations, we add things, we may subtract things that we don’t need anymore, but we really do recognize that our bathrooms need to have a refurbishment, and so that’s included in the master plan,” said Honeyman.

Parks and Recreation just asked the public to be patient as spring cleaning comes around.

“We appreciate that our residents are giving us some grace right now while we get everything cleaned up and ready for the summer. We have so many exciting things that are happening,” said Honeyman.