LUBBOCK, Texas– At least four suspects remained at large after a police report said they were involved in an armed robbery at a convenience store in Downtown Lubbock Thursday.

Just before 11:00 p.m., officers responded to Stripes, 403 Avenue Q, in reference to a disturbance call, according to a Lubbock Police report.

According to the report, two suspects walked into Stripes, followed by a third suspect shortly after. The second suspect grabbed a six-pack of beer and attempted to walk out of the store without paying for it, despite an employee telling her not to do it.

Shortly after, the other two suspects walked up with two six-packs of beer at the front checkout counter. However, the second suspect tried concealing food items under the checkout counter and was again told by the employee not to do it.

The employee tried to refund the items and refused service to all three suspects, but then it escalated to an altercation, the report said.

The second suspect punched the employee in the face. He attempted to swing back, but then he was attacked by all three suspects, and he fell to the floor, the report said.

The employee told police he was hit by the suspect numerous times. He said he was able to get back up on his feet, but then a fourth suspect walked into the store with a firearm.

The fourth suspect pointed the handgun at the employee and threatened to shoot. Then, one of the other suspects grabbed all of the items off the front checkout counter.

The suspects then walked out of the store and left in one vehicle.

No suspects were located by police Friday.