LUBBOCK, Texas— Blazing Bouncers responded to the public on improving safety measures for customers and their children at the facility in a social media post on Tuesday.

The response was in regards to Raul Chavez, 60, who was arrested on Sunday and accused of trying to leave the facility with a 13-year-old girl. 

According to the post, Blazing Bouncers said “We are looking at putting in place additional and extra safety protocols.” The facility also acknowledged the public’s input and “have always considered your safety and the safety of your kids.”

With plans to expand the facility both indoors and outdoors Blazing Bouncers mentioned an important aspect will be the “security of the customers inside,” said the post. 

Additionally, the facility will be strict on those entering the building and leaving with children.

The post stated it will eventually “install a new gate system at the front door,” and will be mandatory for guests to stop at the front desk when entering the facility.

According to the post, the system will prevent guests from “entering the building around other guests standing in line.”

Blazing Bouncers emphasized guests will be required to wear wristbands with no exceptions. 

Security personnel will be at the facility during busy hours, said the post. 

The following statement is from the Blazing Bouncers’ post. 

“Given the intense feelings we have received… we felt it is important to pass on that we spend a lot of time planning ways to improve our facility.”