Note: The video above reflects the top news headlines from the morning of November 17, 2023.

LUBBOCK, Texas — The Weird Space, an interactive art gallery, announced it is holding a large free book giveaway called “Bookageddon” on Friday. This came after crowds gathered outside Josey’s Book’s & Record on Wednesday to save mounds of books that were thrown in a dumpster.

The book giveaway will be at 3225 50th Street, Unit B1 from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The Weird Space said the entire dumpster of books will have been unloaded and ready for pickup. Those wishing to attend were asked to bring their own containers and reminded to be courteous to others.

“The Weird Space partnered with the LGBTQ+ Community Discord Server and Happy Trash to give Lubbock residents a second chance to safely acquire the free books,” a press release stated.

The Weird Space said the event will be an opportunity to engage with “The Conservatory” before the main installation opens.

The bookstore previously told it tried to have liquidation sales to get rid of its inventory before the store’s closing on November 19.

“We have made an effort, reached out to libraries, education centers, Goodwill,” Josey’s store manager JB Garrett said on Wednesday. “We have just not received the response that we hoped to receive from every resource that we have reached out to.”