LUBBOCK, Texas — Thomas Boukamp began crying in court while questioning the girl he was accused of cyberstalking and kidnapping, according to a reporter in the courtroom. Boukamp then asked the court for a temporary break.

Boukamp, 22, is representing himself after a judge allowed him to fire his lawyers. Because he is representing himself, Boukamp is constitutionally allowed to question witnesses in court.

That includes the now 15-year-old victim, whom will identify only as Jane Doe.

Jane Doe, who was 14 in November 2020, testified that she was 13 when she began talking to Boukamp online. She said he harassed her and threatened her and her family if she told anyone about their relationship.

Doe testified that the two had sex multiple times a day after he took her to his home in Michigan.

She said Boukamp forcibly removed her braces with pliers and strangled and hit her.

Doe said she was disgusted by Boukamp now.

When Boukamp questioned the victim, he asked if she was okay talking to him and she said no.

He asked her if she meant it when she said she loved him if she had any love for him now and she said no.

It was at that point he became visibly upset and began crying, a reporter in the courtroom said.

The trial was expected to wrap up after three or four days.

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