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LUBBOCK, Texas — One of the most devastating realities of the pandemic is how many people have lost their lives. The Center for Disease Control reported that over 702,360 people in the United States have died from COVID-19.  

With so many lives lost, it’s not only likely that more people are struggling with one loss, but possibly with multiple losses. 

Bridge Hospice Chaplain Johanna Ross said it’s important to understand what support is available to those going through the pain of losing someone close to them.

“When we start to take care of them we go to where they are,” Ross said. “Our staff will go to the hospital. Immediately our staff starts reaching out to them. Our nurses, CNAS, chaplains all start to take care of that family.”

But their services are not limited to those who directly transition into their care. They offer a more wholesome approach to care for the whole family during this extremely sensitive time.   

Bridge Hospice Medical Social Worker Mindy Mcdonald said their services often are misunderstood.  

“I heard a beautiful person say one time that hospice is your midwife back home,” Mcdonald said. “When we’re born we hire someone who helps escort us into this world.. Why can’t hospice be that? It just escorts you back home.”  

Part of their services include guiding loved ones through the uncomfortable. While many people mean well, dealing with loss is not something commonly discussed let alone openly taught. According to Mcdoldald, this can lead to people likely offering sentiments proven to be counterproductive. 

“Well-meaning people who hand out cliches because that’s what they heard,” Mcdonald said. “And those are not helpful. So, ‘he’s in a better place now’ or ‘he’s pain free’ you know they’ll say things like that, and that’s really not helpful.” 

There are many resources available including counseling, support groups, and websites dedicated to meeting people’s individual grieving needs. 

In person support groups:

Caregiver Support Group, Bridge Hospice: SouthCrest Baptist Church Room 1010 at 6:30 p.m. on the second Monday of every month. For more information call (806)993-3900.

Lakeridge Chapel and Memorial Designers – For dates and times contact them at (806)698-8035.

Bacon Heights Baptist Church: 5110 54th street, Lubbock, on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. For more information call (806)795-5261.

Online support:  

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