LUBBOCK, Texas — Bulletproof backpacks might be on the school supply list for some, and Lone Star Shooting Sports in Lubbock sells them.

Lone Star Shooting Sports told that, unfortunately, they sell these types of backpacks because it has been in demand the last few years.

“They’re rated Level 3A, which is good for up to .44 Magnum handgun, but they’re not going to help you against like an AR 15,” Thomas Larson, owner of Lone Star Shooting Sports, said.

Larson said the backpacks are made with an aramid lining designed to stop a bullet from penetrating it.

“The bulletproof backpacks run anywhere from about $100 to $150,” Larson said. “They’re all standard [Level] 3A, which is National Institute standard.” Larson said.

He said these backpacks are still fairly rare.

“Sadly, it’s something that people think they have to have for their children,” Larson said.

Larson also said these backpacks are something that parents would need to train their children on, as it’s not going to magically stop bullets.

“We have tested these backpacks out out on the range, and they will stop multiple rounds of handgun ammunition.” Larson said.

Larson said the backpacks are an outlier type of thing that unfortunately parents are looking for and thinking of.