A business in Scottsdale, Arizona on Monday requested criminal charges against Lubbock-based Reagor Dykes.  The owner of World Motors, Tyler Thompson, accused Reagor Dykes of theft and fraud.  

Police in Scottsdale confirmed that Thompson made a complaint and the case has been assigned to a detective for investigation.  Police were not able to provide more information yet. 

In addition to filing a police report, Thompson filed a lawsuit.  The lawsuit said Reagor Dykes conspired with a company called MUSA.

Thompson claimed that Reagor Dykes sent a bad check for $88,500 to pay for a 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT.  MUSA took possession of the vehicle, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit went a step further and claimed that Reagor Dykes sent a check knowing in advance it would not clear the bank. The lawsuit also accused Bart Reagor, Rick Dykes and a particular Reagor Dykes manager personally.  

World Motors said in court records that it received a $55,000 payment on August 25.  That’s more than three weeks after some but not all Reagor Dykes companies filed for bankruptcy.  World Motors said the $55,000 payment was not enough to make good on the bounced check. 

The lawsuits said Reagor Dykes Dallas, Reagor Auto Mall, Bart Reagor and Rick Dykes “are liable for twice the amount of the check, in the amount of $177,000, plus interest, costs and attorneys’ fees.” 

A message has been left with an attorney for Bart Reagor to offer him or the Reagor Dykes business a chance to comment.  

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