LUBBOCK, Texas — A construction crew worked for several hours to repair a pipe after a gas line was hit Wednesday afternoon between 82nd Street & Memphis Avenue. The incident led to the intersection being shut down for over 24 hours.

An Atmos Energy Representative said Thursday that they expect the pipe to be fully replaced late Thursday evening and reopen the intersection by Friday morning, after rush hour at the latest.

Businesses near the construction said the overflow from the roadblock has made things in the area a lot more congested. An Allstate insurance agent Michelle Roys said it added a lot more time to her normal commute.

“You either leave here and go to Quaker or you have to go the other way around on 98th just to get around all of the chaos. So, it’s like Grand Central Station with the cars in front of the office. it’s, you know, people can’t get into my office, because of all of the traffic. it’s so annoying,” Roys said.

Roys said even from her office window, she can see how traffic has been chaotic over the past two afternoons as drivers fight their way around the closed intersection. Many cars cut through side streets, neighborhoods, and even parking lots.

“I looked out the window and I was like ‘what in the world is going on?’ all these cars are everywhere. I just mean there were like lines of cars I mean all wrapped around the in front of my building down,” Roys said.

Erin Neitsh works at a hair salon off Memphis, and she also said she noticed an unusual number of cars having to figure out last-minute alternative routes. Neitsh said it’s been inconvenient for her, her co-workers and her clients.

“Is really difficult having to cut through residential areas,” Neitsh said. “There’s a school right over here. So, that’s creating lots of traffic. Our clients trying to get into the building– they’re having to figure out creative ways to get here. People’s schedules– they’re trying to get here on time, so we can do our job. So, everything with the timing just seems really delayed.”