LUBBOCK, Texas — A Texas Tech recycling employee found a caged hamster in a recycling roll-off dumpster Monday. The cage was wrapped in plastic. There was no food, and the water dish inside the cage was frozen.

Calvin Anderson said he saw the cage and did not think much of it. He removed the cage from the bag and “he jumped up.”

“It scared me a little,” Anderson said.

Calvin Anderson (Nexstar/Staff)

“People shouldn’t do that,” Anderson said. “That’s not right for people to do that to animals.

“It could have smothered to death.”

Anderson said people throw their trash in the dumpsters and the recycling staffers go through it and sort it. That’s what Anderson was doing when he found the hamster.

Another Texas Tech employee identified a good home for Calvin where he will soon live.

Calvin the hamster was rescued on the Texas Tech campus (Nexstar/Staff)

“They named him Calvin,” Anderson said. “I like that.”

The Humane Society of West Texas said, “This is cruel and there is absolutely no excuse for anyone to do that to a poor defenseless animal. There is no telling how many days this baby sat in the freezing temperatures.”

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Calvin the hamster was rescued on the Texas Tech campus (Nexstar/Staff)