Lubbock Police and Lubbock Fire Rescue were called to the 2100 block of Glenna Goodacre Boulevard on Friday morning.  A car had crashed into a house.

Police said someone about a week ago loaned out a car that was never returned.  According to eyewitnesses who spoke to our photojournalist at the scene, the owner of the missing car was with a friend and spotted it.

The owner and the friend followed the car. The driver of the car then crashed, according to both the eyewitnesses and the police.

Police said the unauthorized driver then ran away.  As of Friday afternoon, police said, “The suspect has not been located at this time.”

There were no reports of injuries.  

The owner of the home did not want to go on camera but did allow us to take images from inside.  

2100 Block of Glenna Goodacre Boulevard (Nexstar/Staff)