LUBBOCK, Texas– Two Lubbock residents said their cars were broken into Tuesday morning.

After viewing their security camera, they caught one suspect pulling on car doors and getting into one car before fleeing the scene around 1:30 a.m. A few hours later, a second suspect gets into the second vehicle, pops open the trunk, takes an empty duffle bag and then leaves.

Chase Staine said the perps didn’t get away with anything valuable. However, it doesn’t make the crime any less of a violation.

“Just violated, disappointed in my other men,” Staine said. “Other people that live here. Jobs are not hard to come by. If you need stuff, go work forward. Someone will give you an opportunity, but they decided to take the low blow and steal from hard-working people.”

Lubbock Police Department’s LT. Brady Cross said they’re aware of the problem and have taken measures to investigate and prevent the crimes from occurring.

“Just as a department, we take it seriously,” Cross said. “It’s an issue, and we’re doing our very best to help curb it. We have patrol officers who are devoted like in a burglary suppression detail that are going out. They’re not responding to calls for service. They’re just looking for burglars, vehicle burglary, theft, all kinds of things. So, we’re devoting manpower there. We attack it on the patrol front.”

Lt. Cross also said that there are precautions residents can take to lower their risks, including locking their doors and not leaving items in vehicles overnight. LPD also said to always report crimes. The more information they have increases the chances of property being returned to its rightful owner.