LUBBOCK, Texas – The Community Foundation of West Texas has generously given CASA of the South Plains a $7,500 grant to help CASA Volunteer Advocates visit children in foster care who have been placed in homes outside of the six counties it serves.

CASA said visiting each child in person, no matter the distance is important to the advocacy work CASA volunteers do. Out-of-region visits include traveling hundreds of miles and seeing as many children as humanly possible in a three to four-day window. Volunteers and paid staff visit cities like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and some outside of Texas to make sure children feel seen, heard and cared for.

“CASA promises these children that we will be a consistent presence in their lives,” said Jaclyn Morris, executive director of CASA of the South Plains. “These funds allow us to fulfill that promise. No child deserves to slip through the cracks, no matter how far away they are.”

CASA has fiercely advocated for children who have been placed in foster care for the last 30 years. The advocacy group’s priority is to speak up for children in the courtroom, working to ensure permanency is achieved for each child.