LUBBOCK, TEXAS – On Sunday evening, a man held a store cashier at gunpoint in the 100 block of N. University Avenue. Lubbock police were called out at approximately 8:27 p.m. for the robbery.

According to a police report, the suspect approached the checkout counter with property from the store and displayed a small black handgun while looking at the cashier. The victim told police the suspect then said, “Don’t remember my face.”

Police obtained surveillance footage from the store, and though the quality was clear, the suspect’s face was not visible in any of the frames. In the report, the victim described the suspect as a Black male wearing a black jacket and blue jeans.

The footage also showed the suspect exit through the front door while the victim remained behind the counter. The victim told officers he did not see if the suspect continued walking or if they entered a vehicle.

At the time of the report, Lubbock police did not locate the suspect.