LUBBOCK, Texas — Andrew Castillo, 33, was found guilty Friday of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child and sentenced Monday to life in prison.

Castillo was arrested in June of 2018 and remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center since that time. Police were called to a home along East Auburn Street for the report of a sexual assault which was believed to have happened in a vehicle, according to a police report from the time.

A search warrant said a family member found the victim outside naked with Castillo. The girl made an outcry of abuse.

Andrew Castillo
Andrew Castillo in court, February 3, 2023 (Nexstar/Staff)

A family told Castillo to leave, according to the report. He then later texted back that he was asking forgiveness and admitted to a particular form of sexual abuse. The child was taken to Covenant Children’s for a physical exam. DNA was recovered during the exam, according to the warrant. Castillo was then subject to the search warrant for a sample of his DNA.

Evidence presented in court indicated the girl was three years old.

“He was arrested that night,” Assistant District Attorney Courtney Boyd said. “There were text messages where he admitted to raping [the girl].”

Because of the age of the victim, the punishment range was 25 to life. Boyd sought a life sentence during the punishment phase of the trial.

Boyd said Castillo was previously in prison for domestic assault. Boyd said he was out of prison for only 20 days when the abuse happened.