Cat adoptions boom at Lubbock Animal Shelter

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LUBBOCK, TX–Cat adoptions at the Lubbock animal shelter are on the rise. Employees at the Lubbock Animal Shelter say cats are being adopted almost as fast as they are brought in.

“Once the college all open up and students come back to town our adoptions usually skyrocket,” said Director of Lubbock Animal Services, Steven Greene.

Greene says they typically see around a 150 people coming to the shelter each day to look for a pet, but the speed in which cats are being adopted has been incredible.

“We have a lot of really sweet cute kittens and kitten always drive adoptions because everybody just can’t refuse that cute little fuzzy face. So we have about 50 that are not feral that are going to be ready for adoption,” said Greene.

But even with over 50 cats available for adoption on just Tuesday they aren’t having trouble finding people who want them. Even the feral cats LAS has are being sent to barns to help farmers with mice.

“We don’t euthanize anything accept for extreme behavioral issues so anything that is healthy is going to have a chance of getting out of here alive,” said Greene.

But according to Greene, the simplest reason behind all the adoptions is that cat owners just know what they are looking for.

“We have multiple applications on kittens especially and even the cute adult cats that just have such sweet personalities. People that want cats are very adamant and know exactly what they are looking at,” said Greene.

For more information on the cats that are available for adoption at LAS, head down to the shelter or call 806-775-2057

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