LUBBOCK, Texas — Dominion Holy Ghost Tabernacle is looking to the community for help tracking down the person who broke into their church.

Associate Pastor Kenneth Lawrence said he received an alert from the church’s security company on April 18, but disregarded it because he thought it was possibly construction workers.

It wasn’t until they arrive at church Sunday morning, they knew something was wrong, because a window was missing.

“That Sunday morning service after we got started, I went up to the security room and began to rewind the tape,” Lawrence said. “[I] went through a few days and got to the 18th. I started at midnight and kind of scrolled through.”

The surveillance video shows what appears to be a woman circling the property pulling on multiple doors, before prying her way into the courtyard window.

“I went down to LPD took them pictures, told them what happened and filed a report on public record.” Lawrence said. “They told us if they see her out her or if they are patrolling which they are, they will stop her, ask her questions and apprehend her.”

The church said this is the second break in, the first time the church’s safe was stolen but thankfully this time nothing was taken. They also added they are glad to have cameras and motion to detection to see who’s invading their property.

“Be careful because if she is trying to get into a church. I am sure she is trying to get into houses, garages, sheds, storage rooms. Whatever she can get into.” Lawrence said. “I don’t know what she is looking for, but I know she is entering places that she does not need to be or without permission.”

If you recognize the suspect or have any other information you are encouraged to call the Lubbock Police Department.