LUBBOCK, Texas — It was a wake-up call no one ever expected. One Lubbock woman and her family are now asking for the public’s help after a hit and run into their home early Friday morning.

Their outdoor cameras caught it all on tape: a white truck, what looks to be a Ford F-250 plowing through the intersection of North Avenue P and Baylor Street around 4:30 a.m. The truck then runs into one of the cars in the driveway and knocks down a tree in the front yard.

Brenna Wiles, a resident in the home, has lived near the intersection for seven years. She said this isn’t the first time something scary has happened. In February of 2021, they heard gunshots outside of their home.

“Five bullets hit the house. One of them came through into the baby’s window,” Wiles explained. After that incident, she installed cameras outside and said she’s thankful they had them Friday morning.

In the video, the man driving the truck has a reflective vest on. Wiles said he appears to be a larger man, and after struggling to back out over the tree that was knocked down, the person drives away.

Wiles said she thought the person must have been drunk driving for how fast they were driving all the way down the street before crashing into the home.

If the car in the driveway and tree hadn’t slowed the truck down, it would have also plowed through Wiles’ 12-year-old daughter’s bedroom. It did hit the house though, damaging parts of the exterior and the closet in that room.

Wiles said, “It’s just not the stress we need right now. We’re getting married in nine days. Nine days, and then this happens.”

She’s hoping someone will know something. “We have children, you know that really could been harmed. I just hope that if you know who did it, that you just step forward and say, I think it was this person,” she explained.

Anyone with any information on who the driver of that truck is, is asked to call the Crime Line at 806-741-1000.