CDC, health experts say COVID-19 vaccine booster only recommended for those who got Pfizer shots

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The Centers for Disease Control published recommendations Friday for the Pfizer’s booster shots. The guidelines divide the categories into 2 subgroups; those who are advised ‘should’ get the booster and those who ‘may’ receive it.

The booster is primarily recommended for individuals who received the Pfizer vaccine 6 months ago who are also considered most vulnerable. That includes seniors, residents in long term care settings, and those 50 to 64 years of age with underlying medical conditions.

The second group who are eligible, therefore ‘may’ receive the booster include those ages 18 to 49 who have underlying health conditions, or who are at high risk for COVID-19 exposure such as frontline workers.

Director of the Lubbock Health Department Katherine Wells said it’s important for people to understand who these booster are best suited for before seeking their third dose.

“It’s only for individuals right now that received the Pfizer vaccine,” Wells said.

Health care professionals said the Pfizer booster is currently not recommended for those who received the Moderna vaccine or the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine. While other boosters will likely follow, the Pfizer booster is not recommended for those who received either of the other two COVID vaccines.

“The CDC guidance came out that we’re not recommending people mix and match. So, if you received Pfizer originally then you need to look at the guidelines and see if you need a booster shot,” Wells said.

University Medical Center Chief Medical Officer Michael Ragain said the top priority is to get the first shot in arms.

“We still have a lot of folks who never got immunized the first time. we’re seeing them in our hospitals. If I had to choose between the two, I’d get people immunized the first time,” Ragain said.

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