LUBBOCK, Texas — A ceremony in Lubbock on Saturday honored the service of regional veterans in Operation Desert Storm. The ceremony ended with a special honoring of US Army PFC Corey Lee Winkle of Lubbock.

PFC Winkle was the only Desert Storm casualty from the Lubbock Area, according to a statement from event organizers.

The Lubbock Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2466, Military Order of the Purple Heart 0900, Lubbock Regional Honor Guard and Friends of the Monument hosted the ceremony at the Monument of Courage near 84th Street and Nashville Avenue.

“Operation Desert Storm’s mission was to liberate Kuwait, a US Ally from an invasion by Saddam Hussein’s military forces,” the statement from organizers said. “The war lasted 36 days, yet the ground campaign took only 100 hours.”

Kuwait was liberated as a result.