LUBBOCK, Texas — A jury in Lubbock found Charles Sanchez, also known as “DJ Sancho,” guilty of indecency with a child on Friday.

Sanchez was accused of indecency with two girls, one being younger than 14 years old. Sanchez was originally indicted in October 2019 and re-indicted in November.

In opening statements of the trial, the defense team of Troy Nicholson and Ben Garcia said the charges against Sanchez were “malarkey.” During cross-examination, Sanchez took the stand and denied allegations that he touched the victims but admitted to giving alcohol to one of the girls.

In closing arguments, prosecutors told the jury that their verdict would rest on whether or not they believed the testimony of the victims. Prosecutor Austin Sanford said the victims took the stand and told the truth while Sanchez “performed.” Sanford called Sanchez an “actor” who is “good at hiding the things that he does.”

The defense team, on the other hand, said the victims did not keep their story straight, and the case “reeked of reasonable doubt.” However, the jury did not buy it.

It took the jury just less than an hour to find Sanchez guilty on all counts. Sanchez could face up to 20 years in prison. His punishment was to be decided on Tuesday.