Officials said charges of aggravated kidnapping and capital murder would be filed against Lucio Gollo Camacho, 46, of Muleshoe. 

Camacho was arrested in Lubbock after a high-speed chase that ended at Slaton Highway and Zenith Avenue about 2:30 Friday morning.

Officials said Camacho stabbed a woman in Bailey County in the 1400 block of County Road 1038, and put her body in the back of his truck.  He also took the woman’s 3-year-old child with him.  Officials said he was not related to the child. 

Officials said they were not entirely certain yet of Camacho’s relationship to the woman.  Officials said Camacho then showed up in Post in Garza County about 1:30 a.m.  

They said he was covered in blood and tried to take a weapon from an officer at the Dalby Prison Unit. Camacho then got into this truck and deputies began a pursuit.  

Once the pursuit reached Lubbock, the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Department was able to help.  They set up a road block and stopped Camacho.  The woman’s body was then found.

The initial charges against Camacho were evading, resisting arrest, and abandonment of a child.  But officials said more charges would be filed.  The child was not harmed. 

The name of the woman was not yet released.  

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1400 block of  County Road 1038 in Bailey County (Nexstar/Staff)