Child found wandering alone at hotel, father arrested on unrelated charge

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LUBBOCK, Texas – A child was found alone wandering the hallways of a hotel in the 4800 block of South Loop 289 Monday.

A woman told police she saw the child standing alone near the elevator on the third floor and that the child was unable to talk.

According to the police report, she then took the child downstairs to see if there was a missing child reported to the hotel’s front desk, but the front desk clerk told her there was not.

When police arrived, they knocked on doors on the third floor to search for the child’s parents, and the child’s father was found. The child’s mother was contacted by the father and arrived shortly after.

The father told police the child must have opened the door on his own and walked out. The child’s mother also told the police this type of situation has never happened.

According to police, the child had a soiled diaper, but he did not appear to need medical attention.

According to the police report, the mother was alert and concerned with the situation, but the father did not seem to be “too concerned that [the child] had walked out and was left unattended.”

The child was released into the custody of its mother, and the father was arrested for an outstanding warrant from the Lubbock Police Department, according to the report.

Child Protective Services was contacted, but they said they “would not be opening an investigation into this matter because [the mother] appeared to be fit enough to provide supervision to [the child.]”

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