LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock police report said a child was shot while playing outside a home Monday night. Police said the child suffered moderate injuries.

Police were told the shooting was in the 2700 block of East 9th Street. However, officers were not certain if that was the location because of conflicting stories given by witnesses.

The mom told police the child was at a friend’s house playing and she went to pick him up. The mother told police that the kids were out playing when “a black car came by and shot at the residence.” The mom did not see this personally, but this is what she was told.

The mom began to take her child to the Emergency Room at University Medical Center, but the taillights on her car did not work properly. So, the child’s aunt met with them at another house and then gave them a ride to the hospital.

There was no blood in the aunt’s vehicle, but witness accounts indicated the child was wrapped in a blanket while on the way to the hospital.

Police were first called when the child was in the emergency room. When police talked to the mom at the hospital, she “became agitated and refused to sit in the backseat of a patrol vehicle.”

Police put her in handcuffs. After she calmed down, according to the police report, the handcuffs were removed. She was then asked to go to the police department to talk with investigators. The child remained at the hospital for treatment.

“[Someone] caused [the child] serious bodily injury with a deadly weapon,” the police report said. But specifics of the injury were not listed in the report.

Police provided the following update Wednesday afternoon.

Lubbock Police Department’s Special Victims Unit Investigating Monday Night Shooting

(LUBBOCK, TX) –The Lubbock Police Department’s Special Victims Unit is investigating a Monday night shooting that injured a two-year-old male.

Lubbock Police were called to University Medical Center at 10:06 p.m. for reports of a child who was transported by private vehicle to the emergency room with moderate injuries.

Through the course of the investigation, while initial reports indicate there was a drive-by-shooting that led to the child’s injuries, at this time detectives are still working to determine if a drive-by-shooting took place.

The investigation is on-going.