LUBBOCK, Texas — A mother was arrested in Lubbock on Tuesday and accused of leaving her child for four days. A report said the child had “no food” for two days “and that this [was] an ongoing issue.”

Ebony Johnson, 40, was taken to the Lubbock County Detention Center.

According to a police report, her child called police and said she could not open the front door.

The girl told a Lubbock police officer she had not eaten in around two days. She showed the officer a receipt from Sunday for a McDonald’s order received via a food delivery service and said that was the last time she ate.

The officer searched the house and found trash scattered through the hallways and bedrooms and no edible food in the fridge, the report said.

According to the report, the girl said she had called her mother several times and that Johnson had asked her to stop.

When Johnson arrived at the home, she told police her daughter was “dramatic” and that she had taken her to breakfast that morning, according to the police report. Johnson also said she had spent the rest of the day at a local hospital with an ex-boyfriend.

The victim had an app on her phone and could track where Johnson was. According to the report, the app showed that Johnson drove between Post and Abilene that day. The victim also told the officer she did not have breakfast that morning.

According to the report, a license plate scanned showed her vehicle near Abilene earlier on Tuesday. She said she allowed a friend to driver her vehicle. When asked why her phone also showed her near Abilene, Johnson said she left her phone in there as well.

As of Thursday, Johnson remained at LCDC in lieu of a $5,000 bond.