LUBBOCK, Texas –  Child sexual abuse typically goes unnoticed,  “One in 10 children will be sexually abused by the age of 18 but only one in four girls will tell, only one in six boys,” said Derek Danner, Executive director of the Children’s Advocacy Center.

The Children’s Advocacy Center strives to support victims throughout the entire process, reminding the community the reality of how often abuse goes unreported.

“For everyone that you see, in the paper, or in the news that’s at the courthouse, there’s 1000 others that never made it that far,” said Danner.

Danner says their organization has been hard at work to help victims come forward. 

“We’re one of 70 centers in the state of Texas that served approximately close to 70,000 children last year, just in the state of Texas. So we’re all out to end abuse and neglect,” said Danner. 

Providing resources that help victims from the moment a report is made.  

“We’ll stay with him as long as they want us to stay with them. Those few that get to a criminal court do have court accompaniment so they have a familiar face that they’ve seen before and talked to before because that’s a scary prospect to testify in court,” said Danner. 

The advocacy center reminds parents the importance of having serious conversations with their children.

“Let kids know if someone is asking you, their places they shouldn’t touch or look at, you need to tell someone, you need to be safe and tell someone safe so those things get reported and we can prevent that from happening,” said Danner. 

Danner also stresses the importance of staying on top of children’s social media, “We all need to just make sure we know who our kids are with, we need to know what’s going on on their social media accounts, phones, all those type things they can they can find themselves in in chat rooms and things that they shouldn’t be in.”

Any suspected abuse can be reported to the CPS hotline at 800-252-5400.

To visit the Children’s advocacy center you can click here.