‘Chivalry’ boys’ homework assignment in Shallowater shared on social media

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SHALLOWATER, Texas — On Wednesday, an assignment gained negative attention for the rules the ladies were required to follow. EverythingLubbock.com obtained another copy of the homework assignment for the boys.

The homework assignment has since been removed and Shallowater ISD released the following statement:

This assignment has been reviewed, and despite its historical context, it does not reflect our district and community values. The matter has been addressed with the teacher, and the assignment was removed.

Assignment, shared by an anonymous parent

The rules of the assignment, that was shared in a private Facebook group, instructed the gentlemen to:

  • “Gentlemen will dress appropriately in jackets and ties or suits.”
  • “Gentlemen will show courtly courtesy as they assist ladies who may have dropped an article by picking it up for them.”
  • “Gentlemen will assist ladies to seat themselves or rise from their seats.”
  • “All females in the class and all female faculty members will be considered noblewomen and be addressed as “Milady.””
  • “Gentlemen will create a yummy treat of friendship in Medieval tradition of coded messages for a lady in his class. If he is a particularly amorous knight, he may bring treats for the other ladies in the class. The ladies, may of course, share these sweets with their kindly knights.”
  • “When taking a lady out for the evening, the gentlemen will pay all expenses.”
  • “Gentlemen will rise when a lady walks into the room. Gentlemen should bow when greeting a lady.”
  • “Gentlemen will rise when a lady walks into the room. Gentlemen should bow when greeting the lady.”
  • “Gentlemen will speak genteelly, that is using appropriate language around ladies. There will be no profanity or use of vulgar words.”
  • “Gentlemen will allow the ladies to leave the room before they leave.”
  • “Gentlemen will sing or recite a few lines of poetry to the ladies in their class. Poems will be memorized and must be respectable poems of romantic nature (no nursery rhymes).
  • “There will be no complaining on the part of the gentlemen.”

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