SHALLOWATER, Texas — A homework assignment from Shallowater High School gained negative attention online. The assignment was removed, Shallowater ISD said in a brief statement (see below).

The homework assignment, copied over to a private Facebook group, instructed ladies to abide by the code of chivalry and standards set back in the medieval times.

The rules of the assignment instructed the ladies to:

  • “Ladies to dress in a feminine manner (in school dress code) to please the men.”
  • “Ladies must address all men respectfully by title, with a lowered head and curtsy.”
  • “Ladies must not complain or whine.”
  • “Ladies must cook (preferably not buy) something for the gentlemen in their class. Sweet baked goods are preferable.”
  • “Ladies must not initiate conversations with males (with the exception of male teachers).”
  • “The ladies must walk behind men daintily as if their feet were bound.”
  • “Outside the classroom, ladies cannot show intellectual superiority if it would offend the men around them.”
  • “Ladies should clean up after the men.”
  • “Ladies must obey any reasonable request of a male. If not sure if it is considered reasonable, ladies can check with their teachers.”
  • “Ladies must bring in root beer, ginger ale or sparkling cider for the gentlemen in their class.”

There were 10 rules total and each rule was to be signed off by an adult for 10 points, according to the directions of the assignment.

A member of the Facebook group, however, did say there was an assignment for the males which instructed them to “have manners towards the ladies and treat them politely in some situations.”

Members of the Facebook group said the assignment was replaced after parents complained. reached out to Shallowater High School. School officials, after this story was published, offered a brief comment:

This assignment has been reviewed, and despite its historical context, it does not reflect our district and community values. The matter has been addressed with the teacher, and the assignment was removed.