LUBBOCK, Texas — One man in a central Lubbock neighborhood is tired of cleaning up after those dumping on a lot near his house. Philip Hogan said he has been keeping up with the vacant lot’s trash and overgrown foliage for years now, and according to the City, there is nothing he can do about it. 

“I would appreciate it if you all would clean up the messes that are there, because not everybody there makes those messes,” Hogan said. “It seems like they go out of their way to dump in that empty lot.”

Hogan said he tried calling the city to address the trash dumping problem, but no one responded to his calls. Stuart Walker, Code Administration director with the City of Lubbock, said they haven’t received calls for that area, but have seen situations like this before. 

Walker said this state law dates back to at least the 1940s, where any trash within your property is your responsibility. 

“It’s basically a hot potato game, if you don’t know who put the couch back there, we don’t know who put the couch back there,” Walker said. “So, it’s next to your property, so you’re the one that has to clean it up.”

A fine of up to $2000 also comes with dumping on someone’s property, so the city is warning you to dispose of your trash, properly by visiting any of the four citizen’s convenience centers, who can take care of it for you.

“If they need to get rid of those things, they won’t fit in the dumpster, you can take them to those places and dispose of them free of charge,” Walker said. “We ask people not to put anything out in the alleys or on vacant lots because that places the burden to clean that up on that adjacent property owner.”

Hogan said as far as landscaping, the city is starting to work on upkeep with the lot next to his house, as for cleaning up, he is left in limbo.

“Well, they’ve come out, and they’ve cut the trees off the lines and stuff like that. But as far as cleaning up empty lots, I mean, I really don’t know,” Hogan said.

Citizen Convenience Station Locations

Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Saturday: 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Closed during City of Lubbock Holidays

You can also contact the city’s official number at 806-775-2495 or dial their hotline number at 311.