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LUBBOCK, Texas — The City of Lubbock Code Enforcement shared common violations people could receive citations for.

“It’s time for folks to start paying attention to their yards,” said Stuart Walker, Director of Code Enforcement for the City of Lubbock. “When the grass gets tall, the weeds start coming up in your yard or vacant lots all around the city any time that vegetation gets over 8 inches, that’s when my inspector will send a notice to mow their yard.”

Walker said if the grass gets past an allowable length, residents are given seven days to fix the problem. If the problem is not fixed, the city sends a contractor to mow the yard, and the home resident can incur a $150 administrative fee, plus the cost to cut the grass.

“[If] you have a dumpster behind your house, and someone dumps something beside the dumpster and not in your dumpster, you can be cited for that,” said Walker.

Walker said illegal dumping is considered a class C misdemeanor which can cost up to $2000 and, if it is serious enough, can turn into a felony.

“We investigate illegal dumping cases, and if we can’t find someone, if we can’t find the violator, we might be able to do something,” said Walker.

Alice Lozado, President of the North Lubbock Neighborhood Association, said the association is trying to work with code enforcement and the community to help keep neighborhoods safe and healthy. Lozado said the association coordinates clean-ups to aid in the process.

“If they have rubbish or they have large items that they need to be thrown away or taken to the recycling center then we have the roll-off that we will be incorporating this summer,” said Lozado.

Lozado said there could be multiple reasons why someone is facing a violation and that her association is there to help in any way they can.

“Whether it be because of a disability or because they’re seniors, and we are made aware, we definitely are willing to step up to try to help those neighbors,” said Lozado. “We have lawnmowers that we can try to assist with, but we have to be made aware of it.”

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