LUBBOCK, Texas — With over five inches of rain in the last month in Lubbock, many lawns and alleys are beginning to look overgrown. Not only can these tall weeds and grass cause you to get a fine from the city, but they can cause a slew of problems for you and your neighbors. 

Stuart Walker with the Codes administration for the City of Lubbock, said critters can overtake overgrown lawns which is a health and safety hazard.

“With the tall vegetation, it provides habitation for vectors of disease flies, mosquitoes, roaches, as well as wildlife, raccoons, and skunk possums,” Walker said. “Once that vegetation gets dried out, it becomes a fire hazard, that’s an even better reason to get that stuff cut down to protect your property.”

Walker said if the grass is left overgrown for too long and is reported, they will give a warning and grace 7 days to get the yard cut. Grass length must be at least 8 inches tall. If the grass is not cut, the city will send a landscaping contractor, at your expense. 

“We would much rather you mow your yard than we have to mow your yard,” Walker said.

“There’s a $250 administration fee on top, so $250 plus whatever we pay the contractor to do it by getting your lawn mowed and that could be as little as $25 up to a couple of $100 just depending on the job.” 

Walker said they are also looking for landscaping contractors to work for the city, for more information contact the codes department. 

While it does come with headaches for those who let the weeds grow, the rainwater means good things for others. Susan Gillispie with All Seasons Property Care, said they have been busier in the last few days since the rain has let up. However, with more rain on the way, they’ve had to work fast to get clients yard’s cut down.  

“When you have this amount of rain, the grass can grow anywhere from three to six inches just in one week,” Gillispie said. “When you get this top of heavy rain, you don’t want to go in through it being wet, because when you do that, you need it to completely dry out if you don’t, you can rut up the lawn.”

Gillispie also recommends using this time to aerate and fertilize your lawn to make sure it’s kept healthy during these downpours. Also, take notice of any standing water or flooding in your yard, this may be a sign your yard needs leveling.