LUBBOCK, Texas — With plenty of rain and cooler temperatures, lawns all over the city have had a significant amount of grass growth. 

Stuart Walker, the city codes administration director, said they want to remind everyone their lawns are their responsibility.

“We’re seeing a lot of stuff green back up, so we want to remind people, it’s still your responsibility to take care of your yard,” Walker said. “That means to the curb and on the front of the house, into the middle of the alley, in the back of the house, what the ordinance says is any uncultivated vegetation over eight inches over a majority of the properties in violation.”

Walker said if your lawn is in violation, it comes with a hefty price.

“We give a person seven days to take care of that mowing, after the seven days we go back out and re-inspect if the property has been brought into compliance,” Walker said. “If it’s been mowed, we close the case, if the property hasn’t been mowed, then we use our private contractors to go mow those properties.

Walker said if they have to come out and mow your yard, you will be charged for the cost of the mowing plus a $250 administration fee.

Those contractors are already busy with their own areas to tend to around the city. Walker said he has about 8-10 contractors right now and is looking to add more to keep up with growing demand. 

“They do it on the weekends or in the evenings, but with the growth of the city, the annexation that we’ve seen, we’ve just got so much more territory to cover,” Walker said. “We’ll continue to add on contractors as long as we can take them.”

For more information on private contractor positions, contact Steve Walker at 806-775-2189, or visit the city’s website at City of Lubbock – Departments | Code Enforcement.