LUBBOCK, Texas– On Tuesday, the Lubbock City Council was expected to consider and vote on a zone change to a Commercial District (C-4) from a Local Retail District C-2) during its scheduled meeting.

The zoning location is at 6402 Frankford Avenue, located south of 64th Street and west of Frankford Avenue, Spur 327 Autoplex Addition, Lots 2A, according to the city council online agenda.

This becomes an issue for the owner of 6402 Frankford Avenue because the proposal would include impact fees.

The idea of impact fees is to split the cost of the new development between current developments and new developments. Those fees are split into sales tax, property tax and fees.

The fees were discussed and approved by the Capital Improvements Advisory Committee before the item was forwarded to the city council for consideration.

According to public records, a total of 15 notifications were sent within the C-4 district to see if surrounding property owners approved of the change on 64th Street and Frankford Avenue.

The CIAC did receive one notification in opposition of the zoning change.

For this zone change, all seven members of the CIAC voted in favor to approve, according to documents on the online agenda.

Lubbock Compact

Many citizens in Lubbock have criticized CIAC and the city council’s handling of the zoning based on impact fees, saying that they are only working to benefit Southwest Lubbock while zoning districts inside Loop 289 are deteriorating.

All of those zoning issues can be viewed on the Disparity Report, which can be found on the Lubbock Compact website HERE.

The mayor and council members have previously defended recent changes to impact fees saying the city is on the right track.