LUBBOCK, Texas — Three city council members, Municipal Court Judge Jorge Hernandez and Mayor Dan Pope were all sworn into office at Citizen’s Tower Thursday morning. All made commitments to work together to build a stronger future for Lubbock.

“I see a Lubbock that has a city government that’s responsive and accountable and transparent,” said Pope, after being sworn in. “I believe that our choices going forward must reflect our hopes and not our fears.”

Leaders at the meeting acknowledged that Pope has made Lubbock history – being the second mayor to ever serve a third term, within the last 100 years. He explained his vision for the future of the city.

“It’s a Lubbock that treasures our past while it embraces a really bright future, based on the same value system that we’ve always had,” said Pope. “It’s a Lubbock that has enough room at the table for everybody. Regardless of your background, or your sex or your skin color, or where you go to church.”

All officials were reelected into their positions and expressed how they looked forward to serving together again.

Council members Steve Massengale, District 4 and Latrelle Joy, District 6, took the oath along with Councilwoman Sheila Patterson-Harris of District 2. Patterson-Harris joined via Zoom due to contracting the coronavirus.

“I have COVID, and that hurts my family,” said Patterson-Harris. “I won’t let it stop me from doing what we need to do to make sure the citizens are represented in District 2.”

While COVID numbers continue to rise in Lubbock County, other council members made commitments to getting through this pandemic.

“So, for my third term, we’re going to get this finished all the projects that we started this past four years,” said Joy. “We’re going to finish those, and we are going to defeat COVID.”

This is the first group of elected officials that have taken the oath of office in Citizen’s Tower, also the new Lubbock City Hall.