LUBBOCK, Texas — On Tuesday, the Lubbock City Council rejected a proposed ordinance to outlaw abortion within the City of Lubbock, declaring it a sanctuary city for the unborn.

A petition drive secured enough signatures to force a vote by the Lubbock City Council.

“We declare Lubbock, Texas to be a Sanctuary City for the Unborn,” the proposed ordinance says in part. “Abortion at all times and at all stages of pregnancy is declared to be an act of murder…”

The city council meeting began at 5:00 p.m. and included a public comment section that lasted until just 11:00 p.m., after which the council members discussed the ordinance until after midnight before they voted against the ordinance with a vote of 7-0.

The city also received nearly 500 comments from citizens via email, with 22 of the comments being in favor of the ordinance and 473 of the comments being against the ordinance, according to Mayor Dan Pope. Three of the comments had opinions that could not be determined.

If it does go to a public vote, the election would be in May 2021. In mid-October, the city issued a statement saying the proposed ordinance was contrary to Texas law.